I am aware of the fact that the Bandoneon is a very personal item for most of us, which one is reluctant to leave in somebody else’s hands. Therefore, it is self-evident and important for me to discuss all the work that needs to be carried out beforehand with the customer. This means that at any time during the restoration process, you can have the peace of mind/comforting feeling that your instrument will be treated according to your expectations and look forward to an excellent result.

As a basic principle of restoration, the greatest possible extent of conservation of the original substance, but also of the patina is valid. Larger modifications and interventions are therefore to be refused on historical instruments. A consistent restoration will give you the best result while maintaining the certainty of conserving your Bandoneon for future generations.

When choosing the materials, I strictly adhere to the original. So I make all wood-, leather-, paper- and cardboard-bindings solely with bone, skin or hare glue as it was customary in the past.

Furthermore, I use natural tanned goat leather for the tone valves and reed board seals. This does not only guarantee an authentic sound, but in addition protects the reed boards.

The valve flaps and bellow corners are furnished with Glacé leather. These materials are distinguished by long-lasting elasticity and wind tightness and have proven their worth in the musical instrument building since the 18th century.

An exception to the selection of materials is the historic „Gustav“ marbled paper, which is almost exclusively found in old instruments. This paper was machine-made in elaborate processes until the 1930s. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to produce this paper in an economic way. Reproductions in printing process have failed to produce satisfactory results so far.

The happier I am to be able to offer as an excellent alternative the handmade marbled paper by Dirk Lange in different color combinations.

Complex restorations can usually be avoided through occasional professional care and cleaning of the instrument.

For example, with the cleaning and regeneration of the leather of the bellows, I can significantly extend the life expectancy of the original bellows.