Historical bandoneons adumbrate many stories at first glance.
Not seldom these stories blossom out taking a look at the inside of the instrument.
Indeed, many of the currently 75 to 100-year old bandoneons have experienced a lot and
bear traces of use in orchestras for decades, the street dust and the smell of ancient bars.

Christoph Paas

Over 20 years ago I was fortunate enough to experience
and listen to Master René Marino Rivero in a concert.
That evening he played solo and without the help of microphones and amplifiers.
So I was allowed to hear the Bandoneon in its entire wealth
of facets and in perfect originality. I got a vague idea of ​​the abundant
richness of musical expression of this little box.
Leaving a lasting impression the Bandoneon has been a constant
and daily companion in my life since that evening.

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