Over 20 years ago I was fortunate enough to experience and listen to Master René Marino Rivero in a concert. That evening he played solo and without the help of microphones and amplifiers. So I was allowed to hear the Bandoneon in its entire wealth of facets and in perfect originality. I got a vague idea of ​​the abundant richness of musical expression of this little box.
Leaving a lasting impression the Bandoneon has been a constant and daily companion in my life since that evening.
During the following years, I was trained to be an pipe organ and harmonium builder and after my graduation I worked in various fields of this profession for many years.

Organ installations brought me to numerous parts of the world. I worked in places such as the concert halls of Singapore, Caracas (Venezuela), Barnaul (Russia) and Muscat (Oman), the conservatory of Nagoya (Japan) as well as various churches and cathedrals around the globe. Several years, I dedicated my work specifically to the construction and restoration of metal organ pipes.
During those years of intense experience and observation, I constantly refined my expertise and increasingly improved my craft skills.
But even during this time it continued to be this small organ of Heinrich Band from Krefeld, which attracted me much more. So with the years I felt the growing desire to also devote myself professionally to the Bandoneon.
The more happy I am today to dedicate myself to the restoration of these instruments with my company ALMA Bandoneon in Cologne.