Sie finden bei mir eine Auswahl verschiedener Bandoneons unterschiedlichster Hersteller wie:
Alfred Arnold, AA, Premier, ELA, BBB, Meinel und Herold und andere.
In der Regel sind dies 142-tönige Instrumente in Rheinischer Tonlage, 2-chörig und Oktavstimmung.
Es sind aber auch Einheitsbandoneons oder Instrumente mit kleinerem Tonumfang dabei.
Für weitere Informationen, mehr Fotos und Preise nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt zu mir auf.

Alfred Arnold Bandoneon, built 1935
142 II/II octave, zinc, restored in my workshop, new bellows with historic paper. Last tuning by Bandonionfabrik Klingenthal /Germany.
Controlled and fine tuned in my workshop.
A wonderful Bandoneon with powerful, bright sound and easy playable mechanics.
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Alfred Arnold Bandoneon built 1938
142 II/II octave, zinc, restored and tuned to a1= 442 HZ by Rocco Boneß
A very good and super easy playable Bandoneon in original condition. It sounds beautiful and unique.
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Alfred Arnold Bandoneon (built 1911?)
142 II/II octave, zinc, restored in Argentina some years ago and will be new tuned to a1= 442 HZ in my workshop.
This Bandoneon has the production number 4 and is probably one of the first Bandoneons built by Alfred Arnold!
It is in very good, original condition for its age. The sound is very elegant and slightly singing. All reeds are original, which is remarkable for such an old instrument.
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Alfred Arnold Bandoneon built 1929
142 II/II octave, zinc, last restoration and tuning to a1=442 HZ by Romualdi&Fabiani / Argentina in 1987
A very rare Bandoneon with a special history.
This instrument was sold by Amílcar Tolosa during the European tour of the Osvaldo Pugliese Orchestra in the year 1987.
Since then it worked as a window decoration of an accordion shop in Finland.
It is very well preserved and still sounds amazing after 33 years of silence!
Nothing was ever changed on this Bandoneon since it was left in Finland. It comes with the original case (including the knee-cloth of A. Tolosa and the receipt from ‚87).
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Alfred Arnold chromatic Bandoneon, built post 1945.
142 II/II, aluminium, Peguri system!
A well preserved Bandoneon with the french chromatic button layout. Both scales are working parallel on the left and right side.
The bellow is airtight and comes with a beautiful green marbled paper. The reed plates are made by Dix and in good condition.
The Bandoneon is unrestored and needs some cleaning, tuning and small repairs.

Alfred Arnold Bandoneon, built around 1912/13
142 II/II octave, zinc, restored and tuned to a1= 442 HZ in Argentina.
A very good preserved and well restored Bandoneon from the early days of Arnolds production.
It comes with original buttons, original bellow and the slightly bigger and heavier reed plates of that time.
The sound is strong, brillant and with good response.