Sie finden bei mir eine Auswahl verschiedener Bandoneons unterschiedlichster Hersteller wie:
Alfred Arnold, AA, Premier, ELA, BBB, Meinel und Herold und andere.
In der Regel sind dies 142-tönige Instrumente in Rheinischer Tonlage, 2-chörig und Oktavstimmung.
Es sind aber auch Einheitsbandoneons oder Instrumente mit kleinerem Tonumfang dabei.
Für weitere Informationen, mehr Fotos und Preise nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt zu mir auf.

Alfred Arnold (built 1938)
142 II/II octave tuned, zinc reed plates, original bellow, original buttons, tuned to a1=442 HZ
This bandoneon is ready for professional use. 
It has been extensively restored and tuned in every detail. 
The condition is exceptionally good and the instrument is very easy to play. 
The mechanics are balanced, the compression is perfect and it’s just plain fun to play. 
The sound has a large volume and enormous dynamic range. 
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Meinel & Herold (built circa 1933/34)
142 II/II octave tuned, zinc reed plates, original bellow, original buttons, tuned to a1=442 HZ
At the beginning of the 20th century, Meinel & Herold was the largest dealer in musical instruments in Germany and Europe. 
They had several of their own production facilities for various types of instruments, including harmonica instruments. But because of their great demand they also bought from other manufacturers and had them produced on commission. 
This bandoneon from my offer was probably produced in Ernst Luis Arnold’s workshop for Meinel & Herold. 
It has the same reed plates (made by Dix) as, for example, an Arnold Bandoneon and differs just little from them on the outside. 
The condition is very good and practically all components are in original condition.
A small limitation are the two connections for microphones, which were mounted in both halves of the instrument. 
However, this is purely an aesthetic blemish and does not affect playability or sound. 
The original bellows are tight and easy to play, but will probably have to be replaced within the next few years. 
The sound of this bandoneon is very good. It has power and a sharp, slightly nasal tone.
Alfred Arnold (built circa 1913/14)
142 II/II octave tuned , zinc reed plates, unrestored, tuned to a1=440 HZ
This bandoneon was played professionally by Carlitos Magallanes for many years. 
The sound is impressively powerful with an extremely large, dynamic spectrum and at the same time a finely defined timbre. 
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Alfred Arnold Bandoneon (built 1911)
142 II/II octave, zinc, original bellow, original buttons, restored in Argentina some years ago and will be new tuned to a1= 442 HZ in my workshop.
This Bandoneon has the production number 4 and is probably one of the first Bandoneons built by Alfred Arnold!
It is in very good, original condition for its age. The sound is very elegant and slightly singing. All reeds are original, which is remarkable for such an old instrument.
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Alfred Arnold (built 1929)
144 II/II octave tuned, aluminium reed plates, nearly all parts original, original deep tuning a1=335 HZ
This very rare to find bandoneon (Einheitsbandoneon) is in perfect condition for its age. It was tuned some years ago in my workshop and works and sounds very well.
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Alfred Arnold (built 1949)
144 II/II octave tuned, aluminium reed plates, original tuning a1=440 HZ
One of the first bandoneons built by Arnold after the second word war. It is in absolute original and very good condition (like new).
The second tuning after its production was made in my workshop.
It sounds very nice, with good response of the reeds and easy working mechanics.
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